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XiKe W10772619, W10290562 and W10283358 Front Load Washer Tub Bearing and Seal Kit, Rotate Quiet and Durable Replacement for Whirlpool and Maytag Etc.

Price: $49.99
(as of Apr 23,2021 14:35:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Main informationPart number: W10772619, W10283358 and W10290562.Replacement old code: 4164534, AH11703210, AP5972057, EA11703210, EAP11703210, PS11703210.Replacement for brand: Samsung and Kenmore Others.Possible symptoms of repair: noisy, leaking, shakes and moves. Other serviceDetailed technical details, more quantity of packaging, overall replacement repair kit, new product development, many types of products, suitable quantity and frequency of supply, can be customized for your machinery and market. Statement !Involving other brands and models only represents product compatibility, not the original manufacturer’s product.All model and component names are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product size as the standard.


Known Replacement for Whirlpool ModelsWFW9410XW00, WFW9410XW00 ,WFW9470WL00, WFW9470WL00, WFW9470WL01, WFW9470WL01, WFW9470WR00, WFW9470WR00, WFW9470WR01, WFW9470WR01, WFW9470WW00, WFW9470WW00, WFW9470WW01, WFW9470WW01, WFW9550WL10, WFW9550WL10, WFW9550WW10, WFW9550WW10, WFW9630YL00, WFW9630YL00, WFW9630YW00, WFW9630YW00, WFW9640XW00, WFW9640XW00, WFW9750WL00, WFW9750WL00, WFW9750WL01, WFW9750WL01, WFW9750WL02, WFW9750WL02, WFW9750WR00, WFW9750WR00, WFW9750WR01, WFW9750WR01, WFW9750WR02, WFW9750WR02, WFW9750WW00, WFW9750WW00, WFW9750WW01, WFW9750WW01, WFW9750WW02, WFW9750WW02. Known Replacement for Maytag ModelsMHWE400WJ00, MHWE400WJ00, MHWE400WJ01, MHWE400WJ01, MHWE400WR00, MHWE400WR00, MHWE400WR01, MHWE400WR01, MHWE400WW00, MHWE400WW00, MHWE400WW01, MHWE400WW01, MHWE450WJ00, MHWE450WJ00, MHWE450WJ01, MHWE450WJ01, MHWE450WJ02, MHWE450WJ02, MHWE450WR00, MHWE450WR00, MHWE450WR01, MHWE450WR01, MHWE450WR02, MHWE450WR02, MHWE450WW00, MHWE450WW00, MHWE450WW01, MHWE450WW01, MHWE450WW02, MHWE450WW02, MHWE550WJ00, MHWE550WJ00, MHWE550WJ01, MHWE550WJ01, MHWE550WR00, MHWE550WR00, MHWE550WR01, MHWE550WR01, MHWE550WW00, MHWE550WW00, MHWE550WW01, MHWE550WW01, MHWE950WJ02, MHWE950WJ02, MHWE950WR02, MHWE950WR02, MHWE950WW00, MHWE950WW00, MHWE950WW01, MHWE950WW01, MHWE950WW02, MHWE950WW02, NFW7600XW00, NFW7600XW00.


6207-2RS Bearing Type 1Bore Diameter: 35 mmOuter Diameter: 72 mmThickness: 17 mm 6305-2RS Bearing Type 2Bore Diameter: 25 mmOuter Diameter: 62 mmThickness: 17 mm


Washer Seal Type 1Bore Diameter: 1-31/32″Outer Diameter: 3-5/32″Thickness: 25/64″ Washer Seal Type 2Bore Diameter: 1-31/32″Outer Diameter: 2-61/64″Thickness: 25/64″


✔ Replacement – W10772619, W10290562 and W10283358 Etc.
✔ Fits – Design bearings according to washer work requirements.
✔ Benefit – ABEC-5 precise rotate quiet high speed and durable.
✔ Guarantee – The kit is 5 years warranty or free of returned.
✔ Expert – Professional bearing manufacturing began in 1945.



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