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Samsung DC66-00470A DAMPER SHOCK

Price: $26.10
(as of Apr 19,2021 15:19:57 UTC – Details)

Replacement washing machine damper shock. Genuine replacement part. This manufacturer approved damper shock is for washing machines. Damper shock absorbs the movement of the washer during the wash cycle to improve washer stability. SUPPORTED MODELS: WF209ANW, WF218ANB, WF218ANS, WF218ANW, WF219ANB, WF219ANW, WF229ANG, WF328AAG, WF328AAR, WF328AAW, WF330ANB, WF330ANW, WF331ANR, WF331ANW, WF337AAG, WF337AAL, WF337AAR, WF337AAS, WF337AAW, WF338AAB, WF338AAW, WF339AAW, WF340ANG, WF340ANR, WF350ANG, WF350ANP, WF350ANR, WF350ANW, WF393BTPARA, WF393BTPAWR, WF395BTPARA, WF395BTPASU, WF395BTPAWR, WF397UTPAGR, WF405ATPASU, WF405ATPAWR, WF407ANW, WF409ANR, WF409ANW, WF409SNL, WF410ANR, WF410ANW, WF419AAS, WF419AAU, WF419AAW, WF428AAL, WF428AAW, WF42H5000AW, WF42H5100AW, WF42H5200AF, WF42H5200AP, WF42H5200AW, WF42H5400AF, WF42H5400AW, WF42H5500AF, WF42H5600AP, WF42H5600AW, WF42H5700AG, WF431ABP, WF431ABW, WF433BTGJWR, WF435ATGJRA, WF435ATGJWR, WF438AAR, WF448AAE, WF448AAP, WF448AAW, WF455ARGSGR, WF455ARGSWR, WF457ARGSGR, WF457ARGSWR, WF45H6100AP, WF45H6300AG, WF45H6300AW, WF45K6200AW, WF45K6200AZ, WF45K6500AV, WF45K6500AW, WF45M5500AP, WF45M5500AW, WF45M5500AZ, WF45N5300AF, WF45N5300AV, WF45N5300AW, WF461ABP, WF461ABW, WF461ASP, WF501ANW, WF50K7500AV, WF50K7500AW, WF511ABR, WF511ABW, WF520ABP, WF520ABW, WF56H9100AG, WF56H9100AW, WF56H9110CW, WV55M9600AV, WV55M9600AW, WV55M9605MW, WV60M9900AV, WV60M9900AW.

Replacement washing machine damper shock
Genuine replacement part
Manufacturer model number DC66-00470A
Package Dimensions: 4.292 L x 29.006 H x 28.194 W (centimeters)



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