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Replacement Charging Case Compatible with Beats Powerbeats Pro with Bluetooth Pairing Sync Button (Not Include Power Beats Earbuds), with 700mAh Large Capacity (Black)

Price: $33.99
(as of Apr 19,2021 19:48:46 UTC – Details)

1.Battery level of the case and headphone can be only displayed on iPhone.
2.It takes a longer time for the case to be fully charged with the earphones inside.
3.The built-in battery will hold a charge for about 4 days, be shorter than the original charger case
But we will improve this in the near future. Hope you will love it.
Powerbeats Pro Charging Case Compatible with iPhone and Android phone.

LED indicator:
Charging the case:
Red light on: Charging
Red light flashes: Remind to charge
White light on: Open cover
White light flashes : Bluetooth pairing mode

How to pair the Powerbeats Pro with iPhone :
1.Open the Bluetooth on the iPhone. (When pairing, do not charge the Powerbeats Pro case or have a charging cable plugged in. Please put the Powerbeats Pro case close to the phones so that the case can find the phone.)
2.Put the Powerbeats Pro into the case, open the lid, press the sync button until green light flashes.
3.Now the case is searching the phone, please do not close the case lid.
4.If the pop-up window shows “Not Your Powerbeats Pro”, just ignore it, please do not click “Connect”, otherwise the pairing will fail. When the window shows “Powerbeats Pro” or the name you set, please connect. When it shows “Done”, do not click it. Firstly, press the sync button and close the lid. Then press “Done”.
5.Open the case and wait for 2 seconds, when you see the Powerbeats Pro are paired with the iPhone, take them out and enjoy your music.

How to pair the Powerbeats Pro with Android phones :
1.Step 123 is the same as connecting iPhone
2.When the Bluetooth of the phone finds the Powerbeats Pro,click it to pair.When paired,press the sync button to exit the pairing mode.

What’s in box:
Wireless charging case*1
Outer packing box*1
Operation instruction*1
Not include Powerbeats Pro

WITH BLUETOOTH PAIRING BUTTON – This upgraded Powerbeats Pro charging case is with Bluetooth pairing button. It can not only charge the Powerbeats Pro, but also pair your Powerbeats Pro with your iPhone or Android phone.
THE BEST REPLACEMENT CHARGING CASE – It is a perfect replacement charging case compatible with your Powerbeats Pro. If you have lost your original charging case or want to have a backup charging case, this product will be your best choice.
Built-in battery – This charging box contains a light battery of 700mAh. Earbuds can be fully charged 4 times. No need to worry about the power shortage of Powerbeats Pro charging case on the go.
Multiple Protection – The charging case is made of high-quality and flexible material against impact caused by dropping, and protects earbuds from scratches and dirt. Built-in overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, overheat and short circuit current limit circuits provide more peace of mind with multiple internal and external protection.
Easy Charging – An interface behind the Powerbeats Pro charging case so you can charge easily.No need to remove the case and the LED light is visible while charging.



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