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Prop and Stop – Front Load Washer Door Holder: Helps your Washer Dry Properly to Prevent Odors (Blue)

Price: $16.50
(as of May 09,2021 05:20:25 UTC – Details)

STOPS WASHER ODOR – PROP and STOP holds your washer door slightly ajar, so that air can circulate in and out, promoting proper drying. That musty odor coming from your front-load washer is caused by residual moisture inside the unit and on the rubber door seal. Moisture can promote growth of mold/mildew, and those nasty odors can even transfer to your clean clothes! – YUCK! PROP your door and STOP the odor!
The “METAL DISK NOT STICKING PROBLEM” is solved! Turns out some washer doors are essentially made of “Greased Teflon”. We have addressed this issue for good! All Props now come with special Primer Stickers which make adhesion possible to even……well……Greased Teflon!!
The Prop holds your door open just the right amount, so your washer can air out properly. This gets rid of those moldy washer odors for good! Small, Soft and Effective. It is the elegant solution!
Full-functioning – Two rubber coated magnet ends hold onto your washer and the door. Stops your door from closing, while at the same time stops it from swinging opened. Allows for a wide range of door openings.
Strong magnetic hold. Works with all washers, even washers that have a non-magnetic door and/or and door frame. Stays attached, even if your washer door is opened or accidentally bumped.
Made of Soft and Durable Silicone Rubber. Won’t mar your washer. You should NEVER put something hard or rigid between your washer and its door! This could lead to damage to your washer should you accidentally lean into its door.



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