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OSD Audio 5.25″ Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Patio Speaker Architectural Stereo Pair Black BTP525 Long Range Bluetooth

Price: $139.99
(as of May 09,2021 05:01:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description

bluetooth outdoor speakerbluetooth outdoor speaker

OSD Audio Bluetooth Planter Speaker

weather resitant speakers

weather resitant speakers

plug and play

plug and play

unique selection outdoor speakers

unique selection outdoor speakers

waterproof outdoor speakers osd audio

waterproof outdoor speakers osd audio

Weather Resistant

These speakers are designed with aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinetry to withstand all types of weather.

Plug and Play

OSD’s Bluetooth Speakers have an amplifier built-in, which makes setup easy as plugging in and playing.

Unique Selection

OSD offers a unique selection of Bluetooth speaker styles to choose from — Rocks, Planters, Patio, Frogs and more.

Waterproof Power Supply

OSD Audio IP67 rated Waterproof Power Supply will keep you enjoying your outdoor speakers for years to come.

BTP 525 Set UpBTP 525 Set Up

outdoor bluetooth speakers osd audiooutdoor bluetooth speakers osd audio

bluetooth lifestyle imagebluetooth lifestyle image


Bluetooth Connection

High Quality Sound

Durable Construction

Weather Resistant


OSD Audio Outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

With IP67 Waterproof Power Supply BTP525

Get ready to jam in any outdoor or indoor space with the BTP525 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. This 5.25″ set is ideal for your lawn, garden, patio, pool area or in your home theater. The design of this speaker is easy to blend into their environment in either black or white. These speakers have a waterproof IP67 grade power supply for the best in outdoor durability.

Blend seamlessly with natural surroundings

Simple Bluetooth connection and control

Built for all types of weather

Available Colors

Black, White

Black, White

Black, White

Black, White

Black, White

Black, White


5.25″ Treated Paper Cone with Butyl Rubber Surround

6.5″ Polypropylene Cone with Butyl Rubber Surround

4″ Polypropylene

5.25″ Polypropylene

6.5″ Polypropylene

8″ Polypropylene Cone with Rubber Surround


1″ Silk Tweeter

1″ Soft Dome Tweeter

0.5″ PEI dome

1″ Supernil Soft Dome

1″ Silk Dome

1″ Ferrofluid Cooled Silk Dome




Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire

Power Handling







Frequency Response



59Hz to 22kHz

45Hz to 22kHz

37Hz to 22kHz

33Hz – 22kHz

Sensitivity & Impedance

8 Ohms

8 Ohms

90 dB, 8 Ohms

88 dB, 8 Ohm w/ Optional 70V Transformer Built-In

91 dB, 8 Ohm w/ Optional 70V Transformer Built-In

90 dB, 8 Ohms


7″ x 9″ x 6″

8.5″ x 11.5″ x 7″

4.25″ x 7.75″ x 5.25″

7.18″ x 9.25″ x 6.31″

7.6″ x 12″ x 8.6″

9.6″ x 14.9″ x 9.4″


12 lbs

17 lbs

9 lbs

14 lbs

18 lbs

22 lbs

BTP PowerBTP Power

1. How are these speakers powered?

The BTP525 Patio Speakers are supplied with a Waterproof IP67 Rated Power Supply. All you’ll need is a working wall outlet and a safe place to store the Power Supply.

2 Phones with Bluetooth Lines & Logo2 Phones with Bluetooth Lines & Logo

2. Can I connect my phone to them?

Yes! These speakers are built with a Bluetooth adapter that you can connect your phones or other devices to.

Speaker Wire BoxSpeaker Wire Box

3. Do I need special cable to run these?

Yes. Only the Master Speaker receives the Bluetooth connection. You will still need to run some speaker wire between the Master and Pairing Speaker to get the full sound from both. We strongly recommend using our CL3 Burial Rated Speaker Wire. Which we offer in various gauge sizes, conductor variations, and lengths.

3 Different Speakers3 Different Speakers

4. How to choose my patio speakers?

If you’re looking to fill your yard or patio with great-sounding music, the BTP525 is a great choice. But it does all depend on the size of your intended listening space. We recommend spacing these speakers a maximum of 25 feet apart for the best sound quality and coverage. If you’ll be covering a fairly decent-sized area, then we suggest looking into our BTP650.

OSD Audio White Logo with Red BackgroundOSD Audio White Logo with Red Background

OSD Audio

Optimal Speaker Design (OSD) is engaged in the design, engineering, and distribution of high-quality home and commercial audio products. Our products range in complexity from simple in-ceiling speakers to whole-house audio systems – all with beautiful styling and high-end sound quality. Our U.S.-based research, development, and design team is supported by a network of cutting-edge acoustical, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Together, we create products that combine the latest technology with ease of use for a quality sound experience.

SOUND QUALITY: With 75 Watts of power handling, this audio speaker features a treated paper cone woofer and a ½ inch PEI dome tweeter for a surround sound stereo while handling the elements outside.
BLUETOOTH: Connect this BTP525 speaker to any device to play music through bluetooth from your backyard patio with up to 75 feet line-of-sight range to produce clear sound.
WEATHERPROOF: The OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Wireless Patio Speaker has the ability to handle extreme fluctuations in temperature to withstand wear-and-tear having IP67 waterproof power supply.
APPEARANCE: These speakers are available in both black and white. Create the perfect look for your sound system to blend into your home décor whether it’s indoors or outdoors.



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