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MIER Waterproof Insulated Soft Cooler Bag Leakproof Lunch Bag for Beach Golf Grocery Kayak Picnic Fishing, 8can/30can

Price: $69.99
(as of Apr 19,2021 19:25:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Large Cooler ToteLarge Cooler Tote

*100% leakproof and waterproof cooler bag

*Advanced Cooling Performance: Closed-cell rubber foam offers far superior cold-holding to ordinary soft coolers, keeping your food and drinks cool up to 3 days

*Tough outer shell – Heading off into the great outdoors? Thanks to its tough outer shell you won’t have to worry about your cooler getting punctured and your lunch ruined


”Love this cooler! It is perfect for a lunch box size, I use it for bottles and a few things for the kids. This color looks great in person!“

Use this cooler everyday for my lunch and my daughters after school snacks. Keeps everything cold throughout the school day and into our evening adventures to the gym/park.

100% Waterproof

100% Waterproof

Scratch Proof & Antiwear

Scratch Proof & Antiwear

Airtight Zippers

Airtight Zippers

100% Leakproof Liner

100% Leakproof Liner

100% Waterproof

The surface and lining are made of double-sided waterproof TPU fabric.

Scratch Proof & Antiwear

The heavy duty TPU shell is puncture resistant and is resistant to tears.

Airtight Zippers

MIER Airtight Zipper is the toughest, highest performing waterproof and leakproof cooler zipper.

100% Leakproof Liner

This cooler is 100% leakproof and so efficient it can keep ice frozen for 3 days.


”Used this cooler during a 5 day move from Georgia to Texas. When the movers pack up your stuff…you’re basically camping. We noticed right away the cooler’s ability to keep ice much longer than another cooler we purchased for the same period of time“

30 Can Soft Sided Cooler Bag – Additional Features

Daisy chains

Daisy chains

Outer Pockets

Outer Pockets

Webbing Strap

Webbing Strap

Integrated Bottle Opener

Integrated Bottle Opener

Daisy Chains

Daisy chains are ideally situated on the front to attach additional items

Outer Pockets

The front flap pocket and the back mesh pocket for dry items

Webbing Strap

The back adjustable webbing strap for extra attachments

Integrated Bottle Opener

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your opener again

MIER cooler bag for fishing outdoor campingMIER cooler bag for fishing outdoor camping


1, Zipper Maintenance:

To ensure this soft cooler leak-proof and own advanced cooling performance, we use the Airtight Zipper which may be a little tight when you first use, You can use the MIER lubricant which is provided to make the zipper slide more easily.

How to use ?

Use the MIER lubricant or other available lubricant over the zipper head where they connect to the zipper chain.Pull it up and down to make sure the lubricant was fully applied on the zipper chain. Repeat before long-term storage and leave the slider closed. Do it again after storing it for a period of time.

*Warning: Excessive lubricant may stain the fabric!

2, Better cold performance:

The more ice, the better cold performance, the longer cold lasts! Suggested least ice quantity is 1/3 volume of the cooler.

3, How to Clean Your Cooler?

For the inside smell which due to the natural rubber, you can wipe the inside with mild soap and use warm water to clean, especially before first use.Clean the interior after every use, especially if used in a saltwater environment.Hand wash only.

4, Storage:

Air-dry the soft cooler bag with the cover open before storing it.

Leakproof Compartment

Front Pocket

Back Pocket

Side Pockets


8/30 Can of 355ml Cola

9 Cans of 355ml Cola

16 Cans of 355ml Cola

9/20 Can of 355ml Cola

24 Cans of 355ml Cola

30 Cans of 355ml Cola


Black, Bray, Blue

Orange, Blue, Purple, Gray, Dark Grey, Bluesteel, Dark Red

Dark Grey, Ocean Blue, Orange, Blue, Pink


Green, Orange, Gray, Dark gray, Ocean blue, Dark red


Three-Layer Insulation – Thanks to its superior insulation the MIER cooler bag can keep your food and drinks cold for up to three days. A high density closed-cell foam is specially designed to hold its temperature longer than standard foam models
No-Leak Zipper – The leakproof and waterproof MIER zipper will keep the contents of your cooler protected from extreme weather, for longer chilling and better protection
BPA Free & 100% Leakproof – The liner of soft-sided coolers are made from Food Grade Safe BPA free-420D TPU leak proof interior lining. The extra tough exterior is waterproof and is resistant to punctures and UV rays. This ensures that the cooler remains intact when faced with hazards of the wild
Wide-mouth Opening – Allows easy access and visibility to your content. Easy to carry and designed for those on the go. Best for work, school, travel, beach, park and daily use
MIER Soft coolers deliver performance and value that are very compatible with what you pay for compared to other brands that might cost you double the price for the same size



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