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Delton Trucker Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Headphones w/Microphone, Headphones for Truck Driver, Wireless Over The Head Earpiece with Mic for Skype, Call Centers – 18Hrs

Price: $29.95
(as of May 06,2021 03:53:52 UTC – Details)

Delton 10X Noise Cancelling Wireless Headset is the perfect solution for handsfree talk. The 10X Wireless Headset gives you crystal clear voice transmissions. Unlike most Wireless headsets, the Delton 10X Wireless Headset features a professional grade, 4 times noise cancelling microphone to effectively block out road and engine noise. With Google Voice/Siri Integration this device allows you to check the weather, look up a friend, or get updates on the big game, all with simple voice commands. Whether you’re a long-haul trucker or business professional this is the wireless headset for you. Compatible with all major cell phones like Blackberry, HTC, iPhone, LG, Motorola, Samsung, ETC. Works with SKYPE, MSN.
You rely on your portable wireless headset to block out background noise while you make important personal and business calls and listen to music. That’s why you need the best battery life, noise-canceling, and audio capabilities out there. This headset combines all these features into one high-quality headset, built with working professionals in mind. These headphones provide up to 18 hours of continuous battery life and only require 3 hours of charging. You’ll also enjoy crystal-clear voice transmissions and 4 times the noise-canceling capabilities of competitor headsets.
This headset allows you to have conversations with ease even in the most crowded of places. Additionally, you can make calls, make voice commands, use Siri and other assistants, check the weather, or call a friend at the touch of a button. These headphones are balanced, lightweight, easy to use, and can be adjusted to fit your head. Simply adjust the headband to a comfortable size for you and move the swivel microphone close to your mouth. Built-in multi-point technology also permits you to pair your headphones with more than one device at a time.
FOR PROFESSIONALS ON THE GO: Whether you’re a trucker or a business professional, you need the convenience of portable, hands-free calling to communicate with your office or with other truck drivers. This wireless headset has universal compatibility with mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, and more so you can keep in touch with work wherever you go.
18 HOURS BATTERY LIFE: Long day ahead of you at the office? These headphones with a built-in microphone have an extended battery life of up to 18 hours, a standby time of 220 hours, and require only 3 hours of charge time. This means your headphones spend less time on the charger and more time on your conference call or important business Skype call.
HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: When it comes to phone equipment for business, audio quality is an essential feature. This headset provides the excellent sound clarity and uninhibited communication that you, your clients, and your coworkers rely on that cheap earpieces and one-ear telephone earpieces can’t provide. This headset offers superior noise-canceling capability so you can talk in a noisy environment.
MULTI-POINT TECHNOLOGY: When you want to pair multiple devices with your headset at the same time, you will appreciate the multi-point technology of these nice headphones. They provide simultaneous connections without compromising sound quality, making them some of the best earphones available on the market.
EASY TO USE: These user-friendly headphones are simple and provide hours of comfortable use. With the adjustable headband, swiveling microphone, and volume buttons, you’ll get a comfortable fit for your needs. The headset also features a multifunction control button so you can call, redial, and use voice control commands. This gear also features a micro USB and LED indicator for charging.



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